SpotDap Directional Sound

  Imagine broadcasting your audio
messages straight to your target
audience and nowhere else! ...
That’s the SpotDAP, a
revolutionary sound-generation
technology designed to target
specific areas. The SpotDAP is
A m e r i c a n T e c h n o l o g y
Corporation’s patended HSS®
HyperSonic® Sound system.
The directionality of the SpotDAPs
is unsurpassed (3°), which
significantly reduces the noise
pollution levels anywhere ambient
noise is an issue. Another
advantageous SpotDAP feature is
its long projection distance of
intelligible sound (up to 20
Applications include digital
signage, points of sale, kiosks,
grocery stores, lobbies, parks,
banks, and museums.

Avoids noise pollution
The SpotDAPs are able to direct sound where you want
it (with a directivity of 3 degrees).
Outstandingly flexible
The SpotDAPs are small and lightweight. They are very
simple to install as all their elements are contained
within the enclosure (digital processing, amplification
and emitter devices).

Simple to use and operate
The SpotDAPs are simply and can be directly connected
to any audio source. No power amplifier is necessary as
the SpotDAPs work on the same principle as an active

Long projection distance
The sound level decreases very slowly with the
distance. It’s a unique feature of the HSS® technology.
The sound remains clearly intelligible up to 20 meters

Surprise effects!
Surprising effects can come from directing a SpotDAP
onto sculptures or paintings making them come alive
with sound!
The SpotDAPs can also be used to attract a visitor’s
attention by directing it along passage ways.

Award winning
HSS® technology received several awards including the
‘innovation label’ at the SITEM 2003 exhibition in Paris.
Reliability... EXTREME
- Designed for 24/7/365 time operation.
- Fully solid state with no moving parts.
Service... EXTREME
- One year warranty extendable to two.
References... EXTREME
Our customers range from the smallest regional museums to
the largest attraction parks. Some of our important references:
Disneyland Paris (FR), ‘Futuroscope de Poitiers’ (FR), City of
Sciences, Paris (FR), British Museum, London (UK),
Stonehenge (UK)...

A revolutionary new concept in sound reproduction—a paradigm shift in technology application. The HyperSonic Sound® (HSS®)
technology projects a column of modulated ultrasonic frequencies into the air. These ultrasonic frequencies are inaudible by themselves.
However, the interaction of the air and modulated ultrasonic frequencies creates audible sounds that can be heard along the column.
This audible sound wave is caused when the air down-converts the ultrasonic frequencies to the lower frequency spectrum that humans
can hear. Since the audible sound is produced by the column of ultrasonic frequencies (which is highly directional), an important byproduct
of this is that the audible sound can be tightly focused in any direction within the listening environment. This provides outstanding
flexibility in placing the sound exactly where you want it and substantially eliminating sound in all other areas. By eliminating the bulky
magnets and moving coil found in a conventional speaker, the SpotDAP system brings other advantages. The system is small and
lightweight; designed for easy mounting. Positioning is straight forward, with no bulky housing, cabinet, vibration, or back wave
emissions to consider.
The directionality of the SpotDAP system is unsurpassed, with the added benefit of long projection distances and retention of intelligibility.
Getting sound right where it is wanted eliminates having to use high sound pressure levels to get sound to “carry” to distant points.
Since the SpotDAP directs the audio in a precise manner, less volume is necessary to project sound where it is needed. An audio signal
is sent to an electronic signal processor circuit where equalization, dynamic range control, distortion control, and precise modulation are
performed to produce a composite ultrasonic wave form. The patent pending ModAmp™ technology is used to produce the compact and
lightweight Modulation/Amplifier portions of the SpotDAP. This amplified ultrasonic signal is sent to the emitter that produces a column of
ultrasonic sound that is subsequently converted to highly directional audible sound within the air column. Since ultrasound is highly
directional, the audio sound placement is precise. Directional sound is pointed to the target listener(s) or reflected off an object to create a
Virtual Speaker that is some distance from the SpotDAP unit.